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High-speed, high-resolution LIBS-ICPMS imaging


Suitable for a wide range of applications with simplicity and reliability.


Dual chamber system for large and precious samples


Reduce thermal effects with Elemental Scientific's ultrafast technology and deliver the highest quality analytical data.


Versatile method of sampling and analyzing solids for noble gas and isotope-ratio mass spectrometry.


Generate higher speed, higher resolution images, with the first instrument designed for the single task of bio-imaging.


The instrument of choice for geochemistry applications from high-speed imaging to high-precision isotope ratio measurements.


Automated Solid Sample Introduction for ICP and ICPMS.


Designed for high-resolution milling to recover sample powder for chemical and isotopic analysis.

Tempest Laser

Compact flashlamp pumped, Q-switched Nd:YAG laser system

Dual Concentric Injector

Reduces single peak response to below 1 ms.

ActiveView2 LA Control Software

Get more info about the ActiveView2 LA Control Software Brochure.

Laser SC

Laser ablation ICP-MS for high throughput trace elemental analysis, optimized for industrial settings.

TwoVol2 Chamber

The highest performing laser ablation chamber on the market.

TwoVol3 Chamber

The ultimate ablation chamber for both elemental imaging and isotope ratio measurements.


Ultra-low ablation temperatures from the simplest design

UHV Cell

Ultra-high vacuum laser ablation chambers for isotope ratio analysis

Application Notes

Double Digit Megapixel Elemental Imaging at >1 Megapixel per Hour

15 Megapixel Deep Ocean Polymetallic Nodule Images Collected at 1.6 Megapixels per Hour

Elemental Imaging of Anodes from Cycled Lithium-ion Batteries

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) was used to investigate lithium-ion batteries

JAAS Paper: Time resolved trace element calibration strategies for LA-ICP-MS

A new method of calibrating LA-ICP-MS measurements to produce a three-dimensional calibration surface through time

LaserTRAX: Rapid, Acid-Free Analysis of Cathode Powders

Automated & quantitative determination of major elemental components and impurities

TwoVol3 Ablation Cell for ESL Platform

The FASTEST commercially available ablation chamber on the market

Facilitating the Analysis of Frozen Samples

High temporal resolution of arctic ice cores with ESL's peltier CryoCell

LA-ICP-MS Imaging of Cisplatin Accumulation

Study of Human and Murine Cochlea

Laser SC

Industrial high throughput trace element analysis by laser ablation ICP-MS

TwoVol2 Ablation Cell for ESL Platform

The Best Positional Reproducibility and Stage Return Accuracy Available

Grading Ore

Don't find yourself digging for the unknown; guarantee you are digging the right dirt with laser ablation.

Mineral Exploration

LA-ICP-MS helps answer the question, "Is my dirt economically viable?" in a quicker, cleaner and greener way.

Purity Testing

Don't overstretch your products; recognize your dirt's purest form with laser ablation.


Using Laser Dosage to Generate High Resolution LIBS Images

Experiments were conducted using a 193 nm ns excimer laser in combination with a multi-channel CMOS detector

Complete system level approach to < 1 µm laser ablation system stage return accuracy

Learn how to improves stage return accuracy and stage performance over the lifetime of the platform

Long-term Laser Ablation System Stage Return Accuracy Sub-Micron Performance in Real Applications

Learn more about laser ablation stage return accuracy in sub-micron performance.

Analytical Performance of a Turnkey Femtosecond Laser Ablation System

Learn about analytical performance of a turnkey femtosecond laser ablation system.

Studies of Iridium Nanoparticle Translocation in Rat Organs by LA-ICP-MS

See the poster for studies of iridium nanoparticle translocation in rat organs by LA-ICP-MS.

Pb Isotope Analysis of K Feldspars

See the poster for Pb isotope analysis of K Feldspars – a challenge for LA-ICP-MS.

Performance and Data from an Elemental Microscope – The imageBIO266

See the poster about performance and data from an elemental microsope – the imageBIO266.