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The world leader in laser ablation systems, data processing software and accessories for elemental analysis

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Bioimaging requires lower fluence, better stability and superior sample transport. The imageBIO266 is designed for the sole task of high resolution, high-speed bioimaging by LA-ICPMS.

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The imageGEO193 provides the technology and workflow enhancements to create the highest resolution geochemical images at unprecedented speed.

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LIBS-ICPMS Data (tiger shark tooth imaging)


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Bring Your Samples into the Light

For applications as diverse as biomedical imaging, geochemical mineralogy or industrial quality control, Elemental Scientific Lasers has the analytical tools needed for higher resolution, faster analyses and greater automation. Our innovative hardware and software solutions will expand your capabilities and improve your productivity.

A Collection of Data & Image Mapping

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Benefits & Features of Laser Ablation (Spectrometry LA-ICPMS Analysis)

Speed of Analysis
  • Rapid time-to-result with minimal sample prep
  • Fast uptake and signal washout

Eliminate Digestion
  • Ideal for metallurgy, alloys, ceramics and plastics
  • No loss of volatiles
  • Minimize use of labware and reagents

High Throughput
  • Automation options for medium- and high-volume applications
  • Shot-to-shot with full washout in <1ms for imaging

High Resolution
  • Direct mapping of elemental distribution
  • Spatial resolution down to 1µm
  • Dedicated systems for life sciences and geochemical analysis

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