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Modification of Metabolism in Metastatic Tumor Cell Lines as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy

ID: 687581
Year: 2023
Products: UP213;New Wave;
Authors: STEPKA, MGRP;
Journal: Thesis

Introduction Prostate cancer cells often undergo a metabolic transformation allowing them to survive hostile environments caused by protective mechanisms of the body or by therapy. This thesis focuses on the metabolic reprogramming of prostate cancer cells and mechanisms of their resistance to stress induced by reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cisplatin treatment. Therapy with the common chemotherapeutic agent cisplatin is usually limited by adverse side effects, mainly nephrotoxicity. We investigated possibilities to reduce the treatment resistance and adverse side effects of cisplatin therapy via inhibition of autophagy and modification of amino acid levels. Methods Distribution of metals in mouse kidney was determined by the laser ablat...

Geología y geocronología del Cabo Blanco, Santa Cruz, Patagonia

ID: 687580
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;New Wave;
Authors: Naipauer, M;Chemale, F;Navarrete, C;Ramos, CJ;
Journal: Asociación Geológica Argentina

La localidad de Cabo Blanco está ubicada en la costa atlántica, en el extremo sur 25 del Golfo San Jorge (47°12’ LS). En el cabo se exponen rocas que fueron identificadas por 26 primera vez por Darwin como cuarcitas comparables con las incluidas actualmente en la 27 Formación Bahía Fox de las Islas Malvinas. Esta correlación fue seguida por varios autores 28 que trabajaron en la zona hasta la actualidad. Sin embargo, otros interpretaron que estas 29 rocas son volcánicas y las incluyeron dentro del volcanismo jurásico de la Patagonia extra30 andina. Con el objetivo de constatar la edad de estas rocas se realizó un reconocimiento 31 de campo y un estudio geocronológico. Los circones analizados por U-Pb de dos muestras 32 dieron un...

Peculiarities of formation, isomorphism and geochemistry of trace elements of sphalerite and wurtzite unusual varieties from the Goniatite occurrence (Pai-Khoi Ridge, Nenets Autonomous District)

ID: 687579
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;New Wave;
Authors: Prokofyev, AB;
Journal: Journal of Mining Institute

A unique Mn-, Cd-bearing sphalerite from quartz-calcite veins in the coal-bearing series (Visean C1v) marine sediments in a 50 km segment of the middle course of the Silova-Yakha River in the Arctic zone of the European part of Russia (Pai-Khoi Ridge) has been studied. The veins have a conformable and cross-cutting occurrence in two types of rocks: gray limestones and black siliceous-carbonaceous shales, the area is known as the Goniatite occurrence. The sulfide content in vein samples ranges from 0.1 to 2 vol.%. The chemical composition of 27 monomineral samples of Mn-, Cd-bearing sphalerites was studied, 82 points were analyzed. Correlations between typomorphic elements-impurities were revealed and correlation matrix was constructed. Cu, ...

En LA-ICP-MS analys av kvarts från granitpegmatiter från Bergby-Hamrångeområdet

ID: 687578
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;ESI;
Authors: Eriksson, R;
Journal: Thesis

Spårelementkoncentrationen i polerprov av kvarts från Bergby-Hamrångeområdet har analyserats genom LA-ICP-MS. Spårelementkoncentrationen i kvarts från enkla pegmatiter och LCT-pegmatiter har analyserats och registrerat koncentrationer för 23 olika isotoper. Koncentrationerna för Al27, Ti49, Li7, Rb85 och B11 hos 84 provpunkter har plottats i tvåaxliga-diagram. Tertiära diagram av Al/10-Li-Ti och Ti-Al/10-Rb*50 har sammanställts och i dessa har fält för LCT-pegmatiter markerats ut baserat på data från Müller m.fl. (2021). I rapporten beskrivs LA-ICP-MS översiktligt för läsare utan tidigare erfarenhet. Syftet med undersökningen var att besvara, 1) Om kvarts i polerproverna från BergbyHamrånge kan klassas som ultrar...

Co-authors: Aaron Palke, Gabriel Angarita, Andres F. Gonzalez-Duran, Ziyin Sun, Javier Garcia

ID: 687577
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;
Authors: Toloza, CA;Simon, AC;
Journal: Thesis

Mining has been a defining driver of human progress since the beginning of organized civilization. Minerals extracted from the Earth not only gave humans the means to create tools and weapons, but ornamental gemstones and metals add to the rich culture we share as a species. Today, the need and desire for mining precious resources has never been higher. This demand results in an undeniable need to focus time, energy, and resources in the exploration of new deposits, and to better understand those deposits we currently rely on. This is the aim of mineral resource geochemistry: to better understand where, why, and how economically important mineral deposits form. This can be done via the analysis of the chemistry found within individual miner...

Management of mixed cod stocks in the transition zone between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea: How can this be achieved efficiently?(FABBIO)

ID: 687576
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;
Authors: Hussy, K;Hemmer-Hansen, J;Albertsen, CM;
Journal: Book

The project ”Management of mixed cod stocks in the transition zone between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea: How can this be achieved most efficiently?” focused on one of the key challenges for assessment and management of fish stocks: Movement of individuals and stocks mixing. The project focused on resolving issues of stock mixing in cod stocks between the North Sea (Subarea 4), Skagerrak (SD 20), Kattegat (SD 20), the western Baltic (Belt Sea (SD 22), and Sound (SD 23)), and the eastern Baltic Sea (SDs 24 - 32). The project was funded by European Maritime and Fisheries Fund and the Danish Fisheries Agency. The activities in the project involved providing new biological knowledge on genetic and ecological connectivity, advancing metho...


ID: 687574
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;
Authors: 张川, ;张明燡, ;郑春芳, ;章欣仪, ;陈琛, ;邵鑫斌, ;赵伟华, ;
Journal: 生态学杂志

To clarify the safety and effectiveness of otolithic strontium markers in juvenile _Liza haematocheila_, otolith marking was carried out- through soaking in different concentrations (20-100 mg·L-1) of strontium chloride hexahydrate (SrCl2·6H2O) for 1, 2, and 3 d. After that the marking juvenile fish were transferred to natural seawater for 90 d of continuing rearing. The results showed no significant difference in Sr/Ca ratio between the all marking groups and the control groups. After these fish were reared for 90 d, there was no significant difference in Sr/Ca ratio between the marked ST1-20 marking groups and control groups, while the Sr/Ca ratio of the other marking groups in area 1.1-1.3 mm away from the otolith core was significantl...

东昆仑二叠系格曲组火山岩年代学, 地球化学特征及 其构造意义.

ID: 687573
Year: 2024
Products: UP193-FX;ESI;
Authors: 张耀玲, ;倪晋宇, ;胡道功, ;韩建恩, ;高万里, ;
Journal: Acta Geoscientica Sinica

东昆仑古特提斯造山带经历了从洋壳俯冲到陆-陆碰撞及后碰撞伸展的造山过程, 但对古特提斯洋 闭合时间一直存在争议, 争论的焦点集中在晚二叠世格曲组沉积盆地原型及中上二叠统之间不整合关系代 表的构造事件。本文对东昆仑红石山地区格曲组火山岩开展了锆石 U-Pb 年代学与岩石地球化学研究, 结果 表明, 岩石富集 Rb、Th、Ba 等大离子亲石元素(LILE)而亏损 Nb、Ta、Ti、P 等高场强元素(HFSE), 具有 大陆岩浆弧的地球化学特征。火山岩具有高 Ba/Th 比值(53.6)、Th/Ce 比值(0.23)、Nb/Ta 比值(18.35)及低 Dy/Yb 比值(1.42), 表明晚二叠世火山岩由枕状玄武岩和洋底沉积物等洋壳物�...

Major, trace element and Sr-Nd-Hf-Pb isotope geochemistry of whole rock and glass basaltic samples from the Rio Grande Rise and Tarazed seamount chain, South Atlantic collected by the dredge sampling cruise NBP1808 with RV Nathanial B. Palmer

ID: 687572
Year: 2026
Products: NWR193UC;ESI;
Authors: Class, C;Arden, S;
Journal: The NSF Public Access Repository (NSF-PAR)

HTTPS://DOI.ORG/10.5194/EGUSPHERE-EGU21-7327   [] Udy, Nicholas ; Stearns, Michael A. ( March 2021 , EGU General Assembly) The U-Pb system in titanite has been shown to be reset during a variety of high-temperature processes including high-temperature deformation, but post-deformation modification and recovery of crystal-lattice strain have so far made U-Pb equilibration mechanism from deformed titanites equivocal. Microstructures, including mechanical twinning and subgrain rotation recrystallization are more likely to be preserved at low-temperatures, but the systematics of chemical equilibration have not been established for these conditions. This study identifies progressive crystallographic...

Source-to-Sink Sediment Dynamics in Humid and Arid Environments from the Modern Minjiang River, South China and Thar Desert, Pakistan

ID: 687571
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;NewWave;
Authors: Usman, M;
Journal: Thesis

This PhD thesis presents a comprehensive investigation into sediment dynamics in the segmented Minjiang River and the western Thar Desert, utilizing an integrated provenance approach. The Minjiang River is bounded by the tectonically active Songpan Ganzi and the central to southern Longmenshan fault system. A detailed provenance budget analysis, incorporating geological domains and distinct petrographic and heavy-mineral fingerprints, reveals the intricate contributions of various rock units to sediment supply. In the Minjiang River, the results identify quartzo-feldspathic sands within Triassic granites, featuring subequal K-feldspar and plagioclase content. The Triassic strata exhibit varied quartzo-lithic sand compositions. The study rev...

Tracking the history of Baltic Sea hypoxia with bivalve shells

ID: 687570
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;UP213;NewWave;
Authors: Huang, X;
Journal: Thesis

Deoxygenation is a growing issue in global open oceans and coastal waters leading to hypoxia, of which the Baltic Sea is one of the largest oxygen-deficient settings in the world. As a model region, understanding the past occurrence of Baltic Sea hypoxia is crucial for informing present- day coastal perturbations and developing future mitigation strategies. To date, reconstructing the history of hypoxia in the Baltic Sea is almost exclusively on proxies archived in sediment cores, which have low temporal resolution and poor dating control, limiting the ability to provide detail information on dissolved oxygen (DO) variability and hypoxic events. To reliably predict the DO development in the Baltic Sea, it is of paramount important to identi...

Monitoring Aerosols With Time Resolution With a Rotating Drum Sampler Using LA-ICPMS for Elemental Analysis

ID: 687569
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;
Authors: Piorkowski, JV;
Journal: Thesis

This thesis presents a comprehensive study on the characterization and application of a rotating drum sampler for air quality monitoring, with a focus on aerosol composition analysis using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICPMS). The study aimed to determine (1) the cut-off points of the drum sampler to better understand its performance characteristics and (2) to investigate indoor air quality, specifically within makerspaces on Bucknell University’s campus. The research highlighted the novelty of applying LA-ICPMS for time-resolved aerosol composition analysis, demonstrating the potential for low-cost pollution concentration studies. The characterization experiments did not yield expected results, but the r...

Otolith biogeochemistry reveals possible impacts of extreme climate events on population connectivity of a highly migratory fish, Japanese Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus niphonius

ID: 687568
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;New Wave;
Authors: Pan, X;Chen, Y;Jiang, T;Yang, J;Tian, Y;
Journal: Marine Life Science & Technology

Climate change, particularly extreme climate events, is likely to alter the population connectivity in diverse taxa. While the population connectivity for highly migratory species is expected to be vulnerable to climate change, the complex migration patterns has made the measurement difficult and studies rare. However, otolith biogeochemistry provides the possibility to evaluate these climate-induced impacts. Japanese Spanish mackerel Scomberomorus niphonius is a highly migratory fish that is widely distributed in the northwest Pacific. Otoliths biogeochemistry of age-1 spawning or spent individuals from three consecutive years (2016-2018), during which a very strong El Niño was experienced (2015-2016), were analyzed to evaluate the tempor...

In situ beta decay dating by LA-ICP-MS/MS

ID: 687567
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;
Authors: Gilbert, S;Glorie, S;Zack, T;
Journal: Methods and Applications of Geochronology

In the last few years, several isotope systems (K-Ca, Rb-Sr, Lu-Hf, and Re-Os; all based on long-lived radioisotopes decaying via beta decay) have become accessible for in situ analysis based on laser ablation. The reason for this development is the commercial availability of a new type of mass spectrometers where a reaction cell is sandwiched between two mass filters (MS/MS). This allows exploiting isobaric interference reduction (or ideally elimination) based on gas-phase ion molecule reactions. Knowledge on ion molecule reactions is extensive and has been steadily built up over several decades. Yet, attempts to apply this knowledge directly to the question how to best chemically separate ions of parent-daughter couples are almost absent ...

Reconstructions of mantle structure beneath the Anabar Shield kimberlites - similarities and differences

ID: 687566
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;New Wave;New Wave Research;
Authors: Aschepkov, I;Kostrovitsky, S;Babushkina, S;Medvedev, N;
Journal: Geosystems and Geoenvironment

Comparisons of mantle xenocrysts from Lower Triassic kimberlites in the Anabar Shield (Ary-Mastakh, Dyuken, Kuranakh and Orto-Yargyn fields) have shown essential differences from the xenocrysts in the Olenek River Basin (Chomurdakh field). Xenoliths in the Anabar Shield and its northern fields are very rare; they include mainly garnet dunites and harzburgites, and less commonly, pyroxenites and eclogites. PTXFO2 diagram reconstructions for the Boomerang pipe in the Ary-Mastakh field located in the suture zone of the Daldyn and Magan terranes have used monomineral thermobarometry to show that the Opx in rare lherzolitic pyropes formed between 6-7.5 GPa. Eclogites represent the mantle heated to the middle pyroxenite layer, and in these terran...

Iodine availability of the child population in rural and urban settlements of Central Yakutia

ID: 687565
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;ESI;
Authors: Borisova, N;
Journal: BIO Web of Conferences

The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) belongs to the territories with pronounced iodine deficiency in nature and is characterized by a high prevalence of thyroid pathology among the population. Purpose of the work: assessment of iodine availability in the child population of Yakutia. Materials and methods. Preschool children (3 and 6 years old) of Yakutsk city and rural settlements of Yakutia were selected as the object of research. To assess the degree of iodine deficiency, the indicator of iodine excretion with urine was used. The level of urinary iodine excretion (ioduria) and the research of biomedium were determined for the content of 25 chemical elements by inductively coupled argon plasma mass spectrometry. Results. When analyzing the indi...

Zircon and apatite U-Pb geochronology of the Paleoproterozoic (Eburnean) basement and late Neoproterozoic (Pan-African) metamorphism and magmatism from Port-Béni, Armorican Massif (France)

ID: 687564
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193UC;ESI;
Authors: Poujol, M;Hallot, E;Abiven, B;Poulizac, A;
Journal: BSGF - Earth Sciences Bulletin

By re-examining the historical outcrops of Port-Béni located in the Trégor unit of the North Armorican Cadomian belt, the present work delivers four new ages that provide additional constraints on the Proterozoic history of northern Brittany. It is established that granitic, porphyritic rocks crystallized at the end of the Rhyacian (Paleoproterozoic), 2038 ± 12 Ma ago, before being transformed into orthogneisses at a late Neoproterozoic (Ediacaran) age of 621 ± 2 Ma, which is a minimum age, given the retrograde alteration these rocks underwent. The age of ca. 1.8 Ga previously proposed for the protolith of the Port-Béni orthogneiss should be discarded, and these two new ages are consistent with most of those yielded so far by t...

Distribution, occurrence and exploration prospect of associated rare earth elements in Yichang phosphate deposit, Hubei Province

ID: 687563
Year: 2024
Products: NWRfemto;
Authors: Lin, L;Dazhao, W;Aizhang, C;Xiongwei, C;
Journal: Geology in China

This paper is the result of mineral exploration engineering. Objective The Yichang phosphate ore in Hubei Province contains associated rare earth elements. Studying their distribution patterns and occurrence states is of significant importance for the recycling and utilization of rare earth elements. Additionally, the comprehensive utilization of associated minerals is expected to become a crucial source for future rare earth ores. Methods This study primarily focuses on rare earth−containing phosphate rocks. Based on systematic sampling, analyses including rock and mineral identification, whole−rock geochemical analysis, XRD diffraction analysis, SEM observation, and LA−ICP−MS testing are carried out. Results The total rare earth e...


ID: 687562
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;NewWave;
Authors: 陈阳阳, ;段俊, ;徐刚, ;钱壮志, ;杨涛, ;刘君泰, ;
Journal: 西北地质

甘肃北山地区位于中亚造山带南缘,是研究中亚造山带构造演化的关键区域。煌斑岩多为岩石圈地幔在伸展背景下低程度部分熔融形成的碱性岩石,确定其形成时代和岩石成因可为区域构造演化提供新的依据。本文对北山地区柳园南煌斑岩进行了系统的岩石学、地球化学和锆石U-Pb年代学及Hf同位素研究。柳园南煌斑岩的锆石U-Pb年龄为228.2±1.1 Ma(晚三叠世)。煌斑岩中富含金云母和角闪石等富挥发性组分的矿物。岩石地球化学分析表明:柳园南煌斑岩属于超钾质煌斑岩,母岩浆为碱性岩浆系列;全岩微量元素具有明显的Nb-Ta和Zr-Hf负异常,锆石εHf(t)值为0.5~4.9,�...

Sediment Composition and Zircon U-Pb Age of the Bayan Tara Gravel Profile in Hulun Buir, China: Indications for sedimentary environments and regional magmatic tectonic events

ID: 687561
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;NewWave;
Authors: YunLin, SHI;YuanYun, XIE;ChunGuo, K;
Journal: Acta Sedimentologica Sinica

Objective The study of the sedimentology, geochemistry and zircon U-Pb dating of sand-gravel sediments is highly significant for determining stratigraphic division, river system evolution, mountain tectonic uplift history and regional tectono-magmatic events. However, little is understood regarding the Hulun Buir Bayan Tara sand-gravel profile, which has restricted its stratigraphic division and in-depth understanding of the regional surface process. Methods For this reason, analyses of the sedimentology, heavy mineral, geochemical (macronutrients, trace and rare earth elements) and zircon U-Pb chronology were performed on this section to determine the chemical weathering characteristics and sedimentary cycles, as well as the material s...

Photoremoval of Ibuprophenin and Oxytetracycline and some microorganisms from a pharmaceutical wastewater via Ag-Fe3O4 nanocomposites

ID: 687560
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;
Authors: Delia Teresa, S;Rukiye, Ö;
Journal: Forefronts of Proteome Science

In İzmir Turkey, a pharmaceutical industry wastewater produces drugs and antibiotics. The removals of these parameters were not sufficient with the conventional activated sludge process. In order to remove these organics some photocatalysts like Fe3O4 and FeO were solely used with enhanced magnetic properties. However low photodegradation yields (75% - 77%) were detected for the Ibuprophenin drug and Oxytetracycline antibiotic. Although Ag effectively destroys the pharmaceutical chemicals and the pathogenic microorganisms the low photogenerated carrier-separation efficiency limits its application in water treatment. Therefore, it is practically significant to develop a magnetic material to a couple of Ag with Fe3O4 through heterojunctions ...

Genesis of the Sanhetun Tellurium-Gold Deposit, Northeast China: Constraints from In Situ Elemental and Sulfur Isotopic Compositions of Pyrite and U-pb Dating of Calcite

ID: 687559
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;
Authors: Zhang, M;Shen, J;Li, C;Santosh, M;Xu, K;Zhao, G;Gu, H;Liu, J;
Journal: Preprint

The Sanhetun tellurium-gold (Te-Au) deposit, located in the Duobaoshan polymetallic metallogenic belt (DPMB) within the eastern section of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB), is a newly discovered small scale gold deposit. The mineralization, with resource of ≥ 4t Au, is mainly hosted in 3 NNE-trending alteration zones between granitic mylonite and volcanogenic-sedimentary formations. It’s the genesis and timing of formation of this deposit are poorly constrained. Here, we report the results of petrographic studies, TESCAN Integrated Mineral Analyzer (TIMA), major and trace element concentrations, and in situ S isotope of pyrite and U-Pb ages of calcite. The results show that there are five species of telluride, including native tel...

Mineralization of the Zhengchong Lithium-Tin Deposit in the Nanling Range: Constraints from Mica and Granite

ID: 687558
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;
Authors: Li, j;Wang, L;Lu, Y;Fu, J;Cheng, S;Zhang, Z;Liu, X;Sheng, H;

The Zhengchong lithium-tin deposit is a representative large-scale greisen-type lithium-tin-associated body found in the Jiuyishan area within the Jinjiling pluton of the Nanling metallogenic belt. These ages are in close agreement with the age range of the fine-grained porphyritic monzogranite (154-150 Ma) within the margin of error. Combining these data, we determined that W-Sn polymetallic mineralization in the Jiuyishan area occurred during the early Yanshanian period. An electron probe X-ray micro-analyzer was used to determine the composition of mica in the greisen. The data revealed a positive correlation between the contents of SiO2, Al2O3, MnO, and K2O in the coarse- to medium-grained porphyritic-like syenogranite, fine-grained por...

Effects of Dietary And/Or Parental Supplementation with Selenium and Mercury on Their Localization in Rainbow Trout Fry Tissues (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) by Quantitative La-Icp Ms Imaging

ID: 687557
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;ESI;
Authors: Labeyrie, L;Fontagné-Dicharry, S;mounicou, s;

The increasing use of alternative feeds for sustainable aquaculture leads to a reduction in their selenium content requiring the use of supplements to maintain the antioxidant status of farmed fish. The introduction of tuna by-products in fish feed is attractive for their selenium content, but the presence of mercury limits their use as it may negatively impact fish health. Indeed, selenium and mercury metabolism, in relation to their interaction and biological effects in fish, is far from being fully understood. This study aims to assess the impact of parental and dietary supplementation with selenomethionine and methylmercury on selenium and mercury localization and concentrations in tissues of 3-week rainbow trout fry. Broodstock were fe...

The Boa Vista Deposit in the Crixás Greenstone Belt, Central Brazil: Ni-Cu-(Pge) Sulfide Mineralization Associated with Aluminum Depleted Komatiite in a Belt Containing Multiple Komatiitic Magma Types

ID: 687556
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;New Wave;
Authors: Maia, T;Ferreira Filho, C;Oliveira, S;
Journal: SSRN

The Boa Vista Ni-Cu-PGE deposit is an uncommon example of Neoarchean mineralization associated with aluminum-depleted komatiite (ADK). New data for the Boa Vista deposit, including geological and petrographic descriptions, as well as geochemical and isotopic results for komatiites and sulfide ore, are integrated in this study to improve the understanding of the processes associated with its origin. Although the deposit and host rocks were affected by tectonism and greenschist to amphibolite facies metamorphism, primary magmatic textures and compositions are variably preserved throughout the greenstone belt. Our results show that Boa Vista deposit is hosted by an undifferentiated olivine cumulate channel-flow facies unit overlying flows of b...

Enigmatic Discoid and Elliptical Structures from Brioverian (Ediacaran-Fortunian) Deposits of Brittany (Armorican Massif, NW of France)

ID: 687555
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193UC;ESI;
Authors: Néraudeau, D;Poujol, M;Loi, A;Charrondière, J;
Journal: Fossil Studies

The Ediacaran-Cambrian deposits of Brittany (Brioverian series) contain both a few isolated pluricentimetric discoid structures, dome-shaped or “donut”-shaped, and a multitude of centimetric to infracentimetric more or less elliptical fossils or pseudofossils. The discoid and elliptical Brioverian structures are compared to similar fossils and pseudofossils found worldwide, and interpreted considering both sedimentary and biological hypotheses. This synthesis of more or less enigmatical fossils from the Ediacaran-Fortunian deposits of Brittany completes the previous descriptions of more well-known discoid and elliptical Brioverian structures such as Nimbia-like and Chuaria-like fossils. It provides a better understanding of the diversit...


ID: 687554
Year: 2024
Products: NWR193;ESI;
Authors: Liu, Y;Xu, Z;Song, H;Li, T;Zhang, S;Yao, J;
Journal: Earth Science-Journal of China University of Geosciences

:四川会理芭蕉箐地区位于康滇地轴中南段,是我国少有的元古宙产铀地区,其构造条件复杂,研究程度低,钠长岩作 为本区重要的含铀岩石,对其更是鲜有报道,严重限制了进一步的铀矿勘查 . 在结合前人研究的基础上,通过对芭蕉箐地区 1841 铀矿化点的野外地质调查、钠长岩元素地球化学分析及锆石 U-Pb 年代学测试分析,发现研究区钠长岩分为岩浆钠长岩 与 交 代 钠 长 岩,样 品 富 集 Th、U、Zr、REE 等 元 素,相 对 贫 Ba、K、Sr、Rb 等 元 素,测 年 结 果 显 示 两 类 钠 长 岩 主 要 峰 值 年 龄 为 ~2.3 Ga 与~1.8 Ga. 钠长岩岩石来源主要为下地壳变质泥岩部分熔�...


ID: 687553
Year: 2024
Products: NWR213;
Authors: Wang, B;Xie, C;Dong, Y;Duan, M;Song, Y;Hao, Y;
Journal: Earth Science-Journal of China University of Geosciences

蛇纹岩中的锆石不仅可以提供年代学信息,还可以约束蛇纹岩的成因和区域构造演化过程 .本文以唐加‒松多古特提 斯缝合带中的龙崖松多蛇纹岩为研究对象,对其进行了全岩地球化学、锆石 U-Pb 年代学和 Lu-Hf同位素研究 .结果显示,龙崖 松多蛇纹岩具较高的 MgO 和 TFeO 含量、高 Mg# 值以及较低的 Al2O3和 TiO2含量 . 样品稀土元素配分曲线呈较为宽缓的“U” 型 . 微 量 元 素 蛛 网 图 显 示,样 品 富 集 U、Ta,亏 损 Th、Nb、Zr 和 Hf. 龙 崖 松 多 蛇 纹 岩 锆 石 U-Pb 定 年 结 果 为(230.3±2.3) Ma, εHf(t)值在+13.4 到+16.0 之间 . 年代学和地球化学研究表明,龙崖松多蛇纹�...

Mechanism of Formation, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the Ooidal Ironstone of Djebel Had, Northeast Algeria

ID: 687552
Year: 2024
Products: UP213;New Wave;New Wave Research;
Authors: Hamida, D;Chouabbi, A;Fru, E;Nacer, J;Krekeler, M;
Journal: 85th EAGE Annual Conference & Exhibition (including the Workshop Programme)

The Djebel Had Ironstone (DHIS), an 8 m thick stratiform sedimentary iron formation, Stratigraphic, lithological, structural and metallogenic similarities, suggest the DHIS may extend further into southwestern Tunisia. We show that mi- neralization occurs as layers of ooidal ironstones and inter-laminated iron marl within mid-Eocene gypsiferous marls. The grains display a smooth outer surface bound by an argilo-ferruginous layer embedded in siliceous-calcite cement. They are unusually friable, crumbling at the slightest shock. A high total iron (FeT) content of 50.12%, is dominated by up to 71.06% iron hydroXide (FeO(OH). Much of the iron is present as goethite, a common feature of iron-rich ooids of North African origin. However, the lack ...