Complete Laser Ablation Portfolio

Precision Tools for Powerful Data

High Performance Laser Ablation, Spectroscopy and Sampling Systems

High-speed, High-resolution LIBS-ICPMS Imaging

Automated 3-axis Sample Milling System for Chemical and Isotopic Analysis Sample Preparation

Rugged and Robust Industrial Laser Systems

Laser Ablation Meets High Productivity

Experiment Control, Image Visualization and Data Processing

Enhance and Extend the Capabilities of Your Laser ablation System


The first instrument designed for the single task of bioimaging.


Experience the flexibility of high resolution geochemical imaging and precise measurement in a single system.


Offers flexibility, increased dynamic range, and elemental coverage that exceeds the capabilities of ICPMS alone.


Extra-large additional laser ablation chamber for application flexiblity and optimization of specialized applications.


Reduce thermal effects with our ultrafast technology and deliver the highest quality analytical data.


High energy excimer-based laser ablation system ideal for opaque and highly transmissive materials alike.


Suitable for a wide range of applications with simplicity and reliability.


A versatile fusion and heating system for MS applications.


A microsampling device designed for high resolution milling to recover sample powder for chemical and isotopic analysis.

Tempest Laser

A compact, pulsed Nd:YAG laser system delivering maximum performance in a compact, cost-effective platform.


The first fully automated platform for LA-ICPMS that integrates seamlessly into existing workflows.

Laser SC

The first laser ablation autosampler with fully automated 'Hands Off' operation.


Software designed to maximize sample imagery and streamline workflow.


Clarity and innovation in data processing and visualisation.


Predict measured images given a source image, pattern, acquisition parameters, and single pulse response.


Automated energy calibration in a class 1 laser environment.


Enables controlled and stable splitting of the LA generated aerosol and subsequent transport to multiple ICPMS or OES detection systems.


Provides a clean, rapidly cooled sample space for controlled analysis of samples requiring sub-zero temperatures, with an efficient switch to and from CryoCell applications.

UHV Cell

The UHV chamber from ESL fits seamlessly into the ESL platform in a laser-safe Class 1 environment through an innovative design by University College London.


The first ablation chamber to provide <1 ms peak widths for both refractory and biological matrices to enable the highest resolution imaging experiments to proceed in the shortest possible timeframe.


A high performing ablation chamber that effortlessly covers a broad range of applications.

Clean Hood

MicroMill2 enclosure to minimize sample contamination and enhance laboratory safety that features internal illumination and HEPA filtration.